C.H.J. Snider


†C.H.J. Snider has probably contributed the most of any person to the preservation of the marine history on the great lakes as it relates to the days of the Sailing Schooners and tall ships. Throughout this section of our web site we will be dedicating a lot of space to articles and other writings that C.H.J. Snider did while a reporter for the Toronto Telegram and in his many published books.

In the early days of Bobís Nautical, a team of people reviewed all of C.H.J. Sniderís articles and compiled a data base which will allow you to search a vessels name, port of call, Captainís name and various other key words to find more about the topic. The Data base can be found at the following link: http://db.library.queensu.ca/marmus/snider/index.html

You can read a biography for C.H.J. Snider by clicking on this link: Bob Townsendís Biography of C.H.J. Snider.