Harbours on the Great Lakes


Harbours on the great lakes were the back bone for the development of the interior of Canada and the United States during the days of the schooner and steamer. Before Roads and Rail, the only way People and goods could travel inland was on the water and several schooners called regularly into several ports on the great lakes. Many of these ports and Harbours are now primarily used for recreational purposes and much of the historical significance has been lost, forgotten or has not been published. Many others have disappeared completely and are can only be remembered by signs on the side of the rail tracks.


As you travel throughout the great lakes visiting harbours, click on the harbour below to find out the historical significance of the harbour and what is currently happening with the harbours, yacht clubs and Marinas there. You will also find links to important sights in the habour.



  Lake Ontario:


  Whitby Harbour:

  Toronto Harbour:

  The Bay of Quinte:

  Picton Harbour

  Cobourg Harbour

  Port Credit Harbour

  Oswago Harbour